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Have you accepted Christ as your LORD? Yes   No
Have you received the call from God to become a Christian Minister? Yes   No
Which type of license are you applying for: All Fees are non-refundable
Ordained Minister $75.00 Application Fee PayPal Check
Licensed Minister $50.00 Application Fee PayPal Check
Cell Group Leader $25.00 Application Fee Pay Pal Check
Cell Group Sponsor $10.00 Application Fee Pay Pal Check
Marital Status: Married   Single   Divorced   Widowed    Separated
Are you in harmony with all the Core Doctrines of The Lord's Children? Yes   No
Please check all articles and sections of our doctrinal statement contained in the "Our Beliefs" section of Mission/Beliefs that you are not in agreement with. There is an area below where you can enter your scriptural basis for such disagreement. Area's of disagreement may NOT necessarily disqualify you from a leadership position with The Lord's Children. We are seeking a "full disclosure" of your core doctrinal beliefs.
Article 1 Purpose
Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6
Article 2 Statement of Faith
Article 3 Core Doctrines
Section 1: Bibliography: The Holy Bible
1.1 Old Testament               1.2 New Testament
Section 2: Theology Proper - God
2.1 Theopaterology          2.2 Christology          2.3 Pneumatology
Section 3: Anthropology - The State of Humanity
Section 4: Soteriology - Salvation
4.1 Election 4.2 Repentance
4.3 Regeneration 4.4 Justification
4.5 Sanctification 4.6 Progressive Sanctification
4.7 Eternal Salvation
Section 5: Angelology
5.1 Satan and His Demons: Fallen Angels
5.2 Holy Angels
Section 6: Ecclesiology - The church
6.1 Definition 6.2 The Universal Church 6.3 The Local Church
6.3.1 Local Church Offices 6.4 Gifts of the Holy Spirit  6.4.1 Prophesy
6.4.2 Service 6.4.3 Teaching 6.4.4 Exhortation
6.4.5 Giving 6.4.6 Leadership 6.4.7 Mercy
6.4.8 Word of Wisdom 6.4.9 Word of Knowledge-Illumination  6.4.10 Faith
6.4.11 Healing 6.4.12 Miracles 6.4.13 Distinguishing of Spirits
6.4.14 Tongues 6.4.15 Interpreter of Tongues    6.4.16 Apostle
6.4.17 Helps 6.4.18 Administrator 6.4.19 Evangelist
6.4.20 Elder . .
6.5 The Gospel 6.5.1 The Person of Jesus   6.5.2 The Message of Jesus
6.6 Ordinances of The Church: Baptism, Communion, Laying On of Hands
6.6.1 The Lord's Supper 6.6.2 Water Baptism
6.6.3 Laying On of Hands 6.7 Ordination
Section 7 - Eschatology: The Study of Last Things
7.1 Individual Eschatology 7.1.1 Spiritual Death 7.1.2 Physical Death
7.1.3 Eternal Death 7.1.4 Intermediate State 7.1.5 Resurrection-Just
7.1.6 Resurrection of the Unjust 7.2 Global Eschatology 7.2.1 The Great Tribulation
7.2.2 The Second Coming 7.2.3 Millennium 7.2.4 Final Judgment
Article 4 Affiliation
Article 5 Fellowship
Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7
Article 6 Council of Elders
Section 1 - Principles of Eldership Control
Section 2 - Composition of The Council
Section 3 - Appointment of Elders
3.1 Qualifications of Elders
Section 4 - Powers
Section 5 - Appointment of Deacons
Section 5.1 Qualifications For Deacons
Specify with Scriptures which of the above checked items you are in disagreement with:
Please state your reason for requesting a license:
How have you come to sense God's call upon your life?
Do you sense a specific calling on your life? i.e., missionary, evangelist, pastor, cell leader, etc.
Are you prepared to study the appropriate biblical books necessary to meet the requirements? Please check one   Yes   No
What type of Christian service have you been involved with in the past?
Please describe your home or facility where fellowship and bible services will be held:
If granted a license, will you faithfully follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Council of Elders and avail yourself to serve this local Church?  Please check one   Yes   No
If you are a member of another church, please submit the following information:
Name of Current Church:
Name of Pastor:
Church Address:
City:      State:   Zip:
Church Phone #:
I understand that in no way am I guaranteed to be issued a license unless the Council of Elders, at their sole discretion, determine that I qualify to receive one. By applying, I affirm that all statements made on this application is/are true and correctly and accurately reflect my current beliefs as of the date of this application. I further agree to be bound by all requirements, regulations and doctrinal positions of The Lordís Children. If after the date of this application and upon the issuance of a license I alter, change, modify, or question any position or belief, or have a change in marital status, I am duty bound to inform the the Council of Elders of The Lordís Children immediately.

I also agree that if approved for a license I shall place an original signature to this application if submitted via The Lordís Children Website and that said signature is indeed the true signature of the individual applying for license.

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