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All Christian shepherds are called into service by Yahwey, most frequently translated LORD in English bibles through Yeshua (Joshua/Jesus) ha Mashiach (the Messiah) our Chief Shepherd. Our Messiah has charged all his called out shepherds to feed and preserve the sheep entrusted to them and to protect them from the evil one who roams the Earth like a ravenous lion seeking those he can devour. The adversary is like the lion, wolf or the bear that prey upon the flock.
In the shepherds service to God it occasionally becomes necessary for them to kill the beast that preys upon the fold as the only means of protecting the sheep. Such is the case with Islam, for Islam is no longer suppressed and has become the unleashed “wolf pack” feasting upon the people of God and all other people not belonging to that evil theocracy called Islam who worship a false god called Allah and a false prophet called Mohammed. The wolves have positioned themselves in and at our gates ready to pounce when they believe the time is right. God's shepherds and their “sheep dogs” must be on high alert and stand ready to kill the pack of wolves to protect His flock.
Under normal circumstances this usually translates into armed service in the US Government's Military, State Guard or becoming a Law Enforcement Officer to serve and protect the Divine Rights and Liberties granted to His image bearers from the evils of tyranny, enslavement and oppression. However, these are not normal times and those God has divinely ordained to serve and protect these freedoms and liberties are under assault not only by a foreign god and the godless but also by those established by God as the guardians of these rights and liberties codified in Scripture and the founding documents of the United States like the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Those entrusted to serve and protects against tyranny and oppression have become the tyrants and oppressor.
For these reasons we suggest that those seeking armed services to defend and protect theses freedom do not enlist in any branch of the armed services of the US government for the commander-in-chief of said government has rather chosen to defy his duties; to deny and oppose his oath he swore to uphold and defend the Constitution; to actively and maliciously issue tyrannical executive orders in direct opposition to the Congressional system of jurisprudence and the Constitution; to oppress and deny citizen rights guaranteed under the Constitution which include freedom of speech and religion guaranteed under the 1st Amendment; the right to bear arms guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment; the right of its citizens to be secure in their homes and person from unreasonable search and seizures guaranteed under the 4th Amendment; the right of protection from invasion from a peoples sworn to do American citizens harm as guaranteed under Article IV, Section 4 and Article 1, Section 10; and there never be any non-US troops and military forces other than the States militias to keep the peace as guaranteed under Article 1, Section 8. UN forces moving against Americans on American soil is a direct assault by our government on the American people.
We also suggest you learn more about your city, county and state’s position regarding weapons seizure; their willingness to invade your home and seize all weapons based upon a “suspicion” of “potential” gun violence; and their willingness to work with hostile UN military forces arraigned against American citizens under the UN program called Strong Cities network. Does not the mere possession of a constitutionally authorized gun indicate the potential for gun violence? Of course it does in the same manner that possessing a kitchen or any knife has the potential for knife violence. Totalitarianism is spreading though all levels of government and it is the duty of all citizens to make a stand against all such illegal usurpations of citizen rights by the government’s willingness to use their guns and military assets against you. We are indeed living in perilous times. For those of you bearing arms in an active duty position at any level of government must especially make a stand regarding your oath, “Will you defend the Constitution you swore to uphold against all enemies foreign and domestic or will you join with the tyrants as they move against the citizens to the United States of America, the people you swore an oath to protect?”

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